About Me!

I began miniature war gaming with my father and his friends many years ago. We have a loosely organized gaming club of friends from all over the country known as The Band of Gamers.  Together we play a variety of games that span history including  the American Civil War, the American Wild West, Ancients, Medieval, WWII, Pulp, and much more.

My primary role throughout our historical adventures in lead has been to paint and create figures and terrain for our scenarios.  I have only been doing this seriously for a few years, and I’m working to improve my skills and technique.  My goal is to be able to paint professional level figures, and I hope to start participating in some competitions at various gaming conventions.  I would also like to begin working on vignettes.



Currently, I am an active member of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Sociey, Eastern Chapter.   HMGS East hosts three large conventions each year; Cold Wars in March and Fall-In! in November, both in Lancaster PA, and what the Wall Street journal called “The Mother of all Wargaming Conventions” and the largest convention of its kind in the US, HISTORICON in July in Fredricksburg VA.

I coordinate the Game Master Awards program for the three main HMGS conventions- Cold Wars, HISTORICON, and Fall-In.


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