The Lead Adventure Forum is a great resource for anyone who games in the Wild West, Darkest Africa, Victorian Scifi, and other periods.  Members are active, fun, and very talented.

This thread inspired me to create a mine for my Wild West town.

We had been hoarding Styrofoam for a long time, and purchased some foam tunnel entrances made for model railroads from a local hobby shop.  Here’s our original idea for how we wanted to build the height and where we wanted to place the mine entrances.  The next step was to start cutting the styrofoam into a more mine/mountain-like shape:

Here we have done that and glued our pieces into place.  We have also begun to build the mountain out using newspaper.  These styrofoam pieces came from a box that contained my HP printer/scanner/copier, so there are plenty of odd angles and curves that we need to build out or that we can use to our advantage to create caves:

We want the back to have an Anasazi cliff dwelling feel because in our scenarios this mine is damned as it is part of a sacred Indian burial site.

Now that the basic shape and structure of the mine is there, it’s time to apply a layer of plaster tape and plaster of paris in order to cover over all the newspaper and also to create a surface that is more textured and more durable so that we can apply paint, flocking etc:

Looking more like a mountain mine, but we need some boulders and rocks!  We purchased silicon molds and a casting material from a local hobby store:

The rock molds were $9.00 US each and the casting material was $5.00 US for 2lbs.  Yes, the molds are a bit pricey, however they are extremely easy to use, should last forever, and the results are great.

What fabulous rocks!  I would really recommend these types of molds to any terrain builders out there, well worth the investment.

Now that we had rocks, it was time to add the rocks to our mountain.  We used hot glue for this task, and it worked fairly well.  We then primed the whole piece in brown:

Painted and flocked. . . please excuse the drying glue, it will show as white:

And now some action shots from Historicon 2009!  We were awarded a PELA for this game, and I think the mine played a large part in that.

Miners 🙂

~ by "Cav Girl" on October 25, 2011.

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